Khyati Joshi
Khyati Y. Joshi

Professor Khyati Y. Joshi's writings, speeches, and course work focus broadly on promoting cultural and religious pluralism in the United States. By engaging with teachers, principals, policy makers, politicians, and religious leaders through her writings and speeches, Dr. Joshi works to apply the analytical lenses of oppression and privilege.

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Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice

With divisive issues like religion, race, and immigration being debated in the U.S. and worldwide, the third edition of TDSJ arrives with resources and information, educators and policy-makers need.

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Khyati Joshi featured speaker at NJ Women’s March 2018

As a way to celebrate the achievements of women since last year’s incredible demonstration of resistance, the Women's March NJ is about mobilizing women across New Jersey to continue the march towards equity and justice.

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Upcoming Appearances

23 Jan 2018

Making connections between the past and present.

27 Jan 2018

Come here about real US History and rethinking the curriculum

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