“Our Stories” and the debate over “CRT"

August 16, 2021

Going back to school is always an exciting time for all of us educators. Even with all the challenges of this year, we hope you are feeling that excitement. Here are two resources that I want to share...

First, if your school is one of many that is facing an onslaught of parents and community members up in arms over “Critical Race Theory” or “CRT,” check out Dr. Joshi’s latest column published at Religion News Service. It puts this socio-political moment in a context that those of you doing anti-bias/social justice education, and particularly the IDSJ alumni, understand. Please share with allies, administrators, and particularly parents to help frame the current debate and explain what we really mean when we talk about anti-bias education.

Second, check out the new book Our Stories, and order it for your school or community library if you can. Dr. Joshi contributed material to the book. Written for middle school and high school students as well as the general population, Our Stories shows the South Asian American stories are part of the larger narrative of life in the United States. The book is published by the South Asian American Digital Archive, a wonderful organization that works to preserve and spread the stories of South Asian Americans.

Click here to hear more about the importance of this book. Use the discount code KYJOSHI20 to get 20% off when you order Our Stories from SAADA online.