Khyati Y. Joshi


Dr. Khyati Y. Joshi is a scholar and thought leader on the intersecting issues of race, religion and immigration in the United States. Her writings, speeches, and course work focus on promoting cultural and religious pluralism in the United States. Dr. Joshi is also co-founder of the Institute for Teaching Diversity and Social Justice (IDSJ), which offers institutes, workshops, and resources.

Through her workshops and consulting, Dr. Joshi engages educators, policy-makers, and community leaders in an examination of the historical and systemic nature of bias, its consequences in everyday life, and the solutions that foster social justice and inclusiveness. In doing so, she provides clients with the tools to enhance both their own and their organizations' ability to provide inclusive, meaningful services and experiences in an increasingly connected and diverse world.

Professor Joshi’s research and scholarly work taps the experiences of South Asian Americans and other immigrant communities to illuminate race relations and inform interfaith work in the United States. She is an author, editor, and contributor to numerous ground-breaking books and journals in her field.

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