Scholars of Color and Positions of Power,
Panel Member
Asian Pacific Americans and Religion Research Initiative (APARRI), Rooted and Reaching: Contextualizing Pacific and Asian North American Religion

Chicago, IL.

August 2005


Invited participant to "The Summit on the Status of Asian Pacific Islanders in Education"
Convened by National Education Association

Washington D.C.

January 2005


A Model of South Asian American Social Service: Mentoring Immigrant Youth
Chair and Discussant
Association of Asian American Studies

AAAS, Boston, MA.

March 2004


Religious Diversity Can Bring People Together
Invited Speaker
The NCCJ Newark Youth and Community Summit "Overcoming Urban Challenges"

Essex County College, Newark, NJ.

January 2004


Desis in Dixie: Indian American Experiences of Religion and Race in Atlanta
Selected Paper
American Academy of Religion

Atlanta, GA.

November 2003


Messages about Religion and Language from Bollywood Films
Selected Paper
Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS)

San Francisco, CA.

May 2003


The Intersections of race, ethnicity and religion in Indian America
Invited Guest Speaker
Yale University

New Haven, CT.

February 2003


Asian American Studies and Education: We Need More Teachers
Plenary Panel Speaker
Asian Pacific American Race and Religion Initiative

Columbia University, New York, NY.

November 2002


Teaching Asian American Studies immediately following September 11th 2001
Selected Panel Presentation
Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education

Columbia University, New York, NY.

November 2002


Drawing outside the Lines: Extending the Boundaries of Asian North American Religions
Asian North American Religion, Culture, and Society Group at the American Academy of Religion

Toronto, Canada.

November 2002


The Role of Religion in Ethnic Identity Development in Second-generation Indian Americans
Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS)
Selected Paper

Columbia University, Salt Lake City, UT.

April 2002


Experiences of Religious Discrimination in the Ethnic Identity Development of Second-Generation Indian Americans
Asian Pacific American Race and Religion Initiative
Selected Paper

University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

August 2001


The Role of Mentoring in promoting Asian American Student Activism
Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS)
Selected Paper

East of California Conference Trinity College, Hartford, CT.

November 2000


The Need for Mentoring Programs for South Asian American Youth
Guest Lecturer

Emory University, Atlanta, GA.

October 2000


South Asian American Immigrants and Religion
Asian Pacific American Race and Religion Initiative

University of California at Santa Barbara, CA.

June 2000


The Other2: South Asian American Students in Education Selected Paper
National Association of Multicultural Educators
Selected Paper

NAME, San Diego, CA.

November 1999


Immigrant Children: Education's Impact on Ethnic Identity Development
Guest Lecturer

Harvard University, "SA56: Children and Their Social Worlds".

April 1999


Building Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS), 13th National Conference
Selected Paper

Philadelphia, PA.

April 1999


Antisemitism and Homophobia
Guest Lecturer

University of Massachusetts Amherst,"Religion 377".

March 1999


Asian American and African American Students: Mirror Images & Parallel Experiences
Teachers College 11th Annual Winter Roundtable: Race and Racism in Education and Psychology
Selected Presentation

Teachers College, Columbia University, NY.

February 1999


Asian American Racial/Ethnic Identity Development
Guest Lecturer

Mt. Holyoke College, "Psychology 367", Hadley, MA.

October 1997


South Asian American Racial Identity Development
Invited Lecturer

Asian American Conference, University of Connecticut

September 1997


Our Educational Environment: An Intergroup Dialogue Between Students of Color and White Students

Pebblebrook High School, Mableton, GA.

May 1994


Activist or Pacifists?
Selected Speaker
Leadership Seminar for Asian American Student Leaders

The White House, Washington, DC.

June 1991