Khyati Joshi

Vigils and more needed

Juxtaposed against the horrendous events in #Charlottesville, for me and my family, were the celebrations recognizing 70 years of Indian Independence here in the US. I am Indian American. Being Indian American is being American. While celebrating this weekend in New Jersey, a few thoughts came to mind:
1) will something be thrown at me - or at me and John, as an interracial couple - while we were walking in the India Day Parade in Edison;
2) will there be a heckler (or worse) at the flag raising in Passaic.

I did not have such thoughts during previous celebrations. Just like I did not wonder, when traveling abroad, whether my country would let me back in -- yet as a brown-skinned, foreign-born woman I wondered just that as I boarded an international fight in Newark earlier this year.

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